Theme Parks

Theme Parks have become major enterprises serving as destinations for millions of visitors yearly in countless cities, states, and countries throughout the world. A successful theme park builds tourism, creates jobs, increases real estate value, spurs development, and serves to provide a high value addition to the social fabric of family life wherever they are built. But for all of this to work, the Theme Park must be a successful attraction.

The design principle, “the concept, show design and vision come first,” with architecture following was established by Walt Disney Imagineering. At LEGACY we understand this very important principle.

This unique design conceptual capability is at the core of everything we create. In the world of Theme Park design, LEGACY has a record of achievement and success that is without equal.

With multiple theme parks and attractions that have operated successfully for over ten, twenty, and thirty years, LEGACY accomplishments are unsurpassed in the industry today. From concept development and master planning through opening day and beyond, LEGACY is the #1 source for the design and realization of successful Theme Parks throughout the world.

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Lets dream

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