Water Parks + Aquariums

Creating compelling water parks that stand out from the rest requires a creative approach that is tempered by the knowledge of what can and cannot be done in the Water Park medium. Likewise, when it comes to the creation of a new Aquarium, there are things you can and cannot do when to creating a true marine life experience. LEGACY | GGE was the creative force in the design of the world’s largest Aquarium, The Georgia Aquarium.

We revolutionized the planning of Aquariums by adding a theatrical flair to the total experience and reinventing the way people move through and experience the wonders of the underwater world. Since that time, the team at LEGACY | GGE has consulted on several proposed Aquarium projects throughout Asia.

In the area of water parks, following the opening of the highly successful FANTASIA LAGOON in Bangkok, we crafted a variety of concepts for clients throughout the world. Recently the LEGACY | GGE team has designed indoor and outdoor water parks for clients in Korea, China and Russia.

LEGACY | GGE has a record of achievement and success that is without equal. With multiple theme parks and attractions that have operated successfully for over ten, twenty, and even thirty years, LEGACY | GGE’s accomplishments are unsurpassed in the industry today. Because of this, from concept development and master planning through opening day and beyond, LEGACY | GGE is the #1 source for the design and realization of successful Aquariums, Water Parks and unique water themed attractions throughout the world.

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