Museums & FECs

Legacy Entertainment has been involved in several major museum developments, including The Hershey Story Museum and The Grammy Museum. We utilize elements of immersive sensory design paired with powerfully-crafted educational content to bring visitors closer to our subjects than ever

November 3, 2021

Zheng He Cultural Center

The splendor of China’s Ming dynasty is brought to life here at ‘Golden Empire’, a sprawling cultural center celebrating the explorations of famed admiral Zheng He. Located near the site where his fleet of ‘Treasure Ships’ were erected, visitors can explore immersive recreations of the realms he explored during his expeditions.
November 2, 2021

Enlight Epicenter

Enlight Epicenter is the film and television brand destination of the future. Created for Enlight Media, China’s largest private studio, Epicenter represents only the first phase of the much larger Enlight Movie World development.