Enlight Epicenter

Hengdian Shanghai Bund
ChinaNovember 3, 2021
Chimelong Forest Kingdom
ChinaNovember 2, 2021


Yangzhou, China



Project Type

Retail, Shopping Mall, Dining, Family Entertainment Center


89,800 Square Meters

Enlight Epicenter is the film and television brand destination of the future. Created for Enlight Media, China’s largest private studio, Epicenter represents only the first phase of the much larger Enlight Movie World development. Located in the center of the 651-acre site, this initial step will kick off the cultural and tourism part of Enlight Movie World, featuring attractions and experiences that take inspiration from the company’s successful animated film IPs. There will be themed retail and dining, as well as an Family Entertainment Center and a series of ‘Art Gardens’.

Fun Fact: Enlight’s smash hit “Ne Zha” holds the record as the most successful animated film in China’s history, having grossed over $580 Million US Dollars, more than doubling that of the previous record holder, Disney’s “Zootopia.”


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