Electric Daisy Carnival Kinetic Field Stage

Six Flags Glow in the Park Parade
December 17, 2021
Six Flags Monster Mansion
December 17, 2021


Las Vegas, Nevada

Year Opened


Project Type

Music Festival

After producing over a decade’s worth of successful large-scale music festivals, Pasqualle Rotella, Insomniac’s Founder & CEO, decided it was time to take the company’s stage designs to the next level. In order to do this, he partnered with Legacy Entertainment to create the largest performance stage ever erected in North America. Anchored by a robotic owl with an 80’ foot wingspan, industry authority Billboard hailed the event as ‘one of the greatest achievements in the history of live events.

Fun Fact: Operated in real-time by a digital puppeteer, the iconic owl’s wings close in-between sets to allow performers to change out of view from the audience.


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