Six Flags Monster Mansion

Electric Daisy Carnival Kinetic Field Stage
Nevada, USADecember 17, 2021
Grand Indonesia
Jakarta, IndonesiaDecember 17, 2021


Six Flags Over Georgia

Year Opened


Project Type

Dark Ride

Project Size

25,246 Square Feet

When the Monster Plantation first debuted at Six Flags Over Georgia in 1981, it was one of the first times that a large-scale animatronic-based attraction had been attempted outside of a Disney theme park. In 2008, after 27 years of successful operation, Legacy Entertainment was engaged to re-imagine the classic attraction.

Legacy’s team of designers and creators worked closely with the Six Flags team to transform the entire attraction from top to bottom, all while maintaining the characters and elements which had made the original attraction such an enduring success. In addition to new characters and surprises, over a dozen ‘4D Effects’ were added, giving a new lease on life to this beloved family classic.

Fun Fact: Monster Mansion features over 100 original animatronic characters designed by Phil Mendez.


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