Chimelong Forest Kingdom

Enlight Epicenter
ChinaNovember 2, 2021
Chimelong Spaceship
ChinaNovember 2, 2021


Qingyuan, China



Project Type

Theme Park, Zoo, Hotel


340,000 Square Meters

Following the success of Chimelong’s Ocean Kingdom theme park, the respected operator has embarked on an all-new venture high in the mountains of Qingyuan. Working alongside the Chimelong team and its visionary leader, Chairman Su, the Legacy team has aimed to design a park that redefines what a zoological experience can be. Gone are the traditional pens and cages, and in their place are sprawling sanctuary-like habitats interspersed with carefully-integrated rides, shows, and attractions.

Fun Fact: Upon completion, the park’s signature Giraffe Castle will be the tallest castle of any theme park in China.


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