Zheng He Cultural Center

Kingdom of Poseidon
Kingdom of Poseidon
ChinaNovember 3, 2021
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New York, USANovember 3, 2021


Nanjing, China


Zheng He Cultural Center

Project Type

Theme Park, Cultural Center, Museum, Aquarium

Project Size

226,700 Square Meters

The splendor of China’s Ming dynasty is brought to life here at ‘Golden Empire’, a sprawling cultural center celebrating the explorations of famed admiral Zheng He. Located near the site where his fleet of ‘Treasure Ships’ were erected, visitors can explore immersive recreations of the realms he explored during his expeditions. Organized around a central lagoon lined with themed shopping and dining, visitors will have access to a wide range of experiences and attractions, including a Museum, Aquarium, Live Performance Theater, and an Indoor Theme Park.

Fun Fact: In commemoration of Zheng He bringing the first Giraffe to China, the indoor theme park features all all-Giraffe carousel.


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