Road Rage Dark Ride

Trans Studio Bali
IndonesiaNovember 3, 2021
Pacific Rim Dark Ride
IndonesiaNovember 3, 2021


Trans Studio Bali

Year Opened


Project Type

Dark Ride, Escape Room


5,000 Square Meters

Billed as the world’s first ‘stunt show dark ride’, Road Rage at Trans Studio Bali has raised the bar for regional parks everywhere. Combining physical immersive environments with 3D projections, Road Rage ups the ante with the presence of live performers pursuing riders as they make their daring escape. In addition to this groundbreaking feature, the attraction is also the first in the world to utilize Escape Rooms as a preshow, locking audiences in holding cells where they must first solve a puzzle to initiate their breakout.

Legacy Entertainment collaborated with the Trans Studio team to create an original story and universe filled with unforgettable characters and environments.


Rectangle 9@3x